Self-draw in Dwarka CGHS again

Members of three more cooperative group housing societies (CGHS) in Dwarka conducted self-draw of flats on Sunday, as the Registrar of Cooperative Societies failed to allot the flatstotheir ownerseven after thecourts’ directives.

2nd January, 2011, Sunday’s action by CGHS members took place a year after hundreds of membersof thefirstsetof seven societiesheld self-draw after waiting more than five years to get possession of their flats. Though the government had lodged FIRs against managing committee members of societies for conducting self-draw earlier, this did not deter more CGHS members from opting for self-draw.

Members of 24 CGHS have opted for self-draw so far. “If government does not takestepstosortthe matter outeven after court directives, what else people can do? These people have only moved to their own houses as governmentfailedtodoits duty,” said Ashok Kumar, chairman of Association of Suffering Members of CGHS. He said there had been no complaint against societies that had conducted self-draw.

Kumar said the city government could regularize the self-draw as it has done so in the past. Members of different societies present at the Maha Sammelan organized to hold the self-draw said that more societies would go take the same path if the government delayed the draw of flats. “You can’t expect people to pay EMI for their flats and still stay in rented accommodation,” said a participant.

Sunday’s self-draw of flats was vetted by leaders of different political parties, including CPI leader AB Bardhan, Rajya Sabha MPAzizPasha,local CongressMP MahabalMishra,DelhiBJP presidentVijender Gupta, deputy mayor of Delhi Rajesh Gehlot. “This move by flat owners cannot be considered illegal as they have entered their own houses,” Mishra added. He assured that he would bail the members out from all sorts of punitive actions by authorities.

Vijender Gupta said strong political will was required to solve the problem. Hewarnedthat moresocieties mightconduct self-draw of flats if the government failed to act promptly.