DDA Housing Scheme Starts from November

If you missed out on the chance to own a flat in Delhi Development Authority (DDA) last Housing Scheme in September 2008, here is a massive opportunity for you. The DDA is coming out with its biggest-ever housing scheme and on offer are 15,000 flats. The scheme will be announced by last week of November.

With 15,000 flats on offer in different parts of the city, DDA is coming out with its biggestever housing scheme next month. DDA is the country largest land development agency and for most Delhiites, a DDA housing scheme is the only chance for them to own a house in the capital at an affordable price.  For the first time, DDA will also take up the responsibility of maintaining these flats.  At present, the local resident welfare associations are expected to maintain the common areas in the apartments, something they rarely do.

DDA Vice-Chairman Ashok Kumar Nigam said We will take the responsibility of maintenance of these flats for 30 years. The DDA will maintain common areas like the façade, staircases, lofts, etc. A corpus of fund will be created for the maintenance of these flats for 30 years after these are allotted. Allottees will have to pay an extra amount for this corpus apart from the cost of the flat.

The housing scheme will also include the flats being constructed at Vasant Kunj for tourists coming for the Commonwealth Games. These flats are being furnished and we will dispose them immediately after the Games are over, along with the furnishings,“ he said. The prices of the houses are yet to be decided but the rates are expected to be at least 10 to 15 per cent higher than those in the last housing scheme launched in 2008.

In the 2008 housing scheme, 5,020 flats were on offer with a price range between R 7.95 lakh to R 77.80 lakh. The brochures are being published and the cost of the flats will be decided soon,“said Nand Lal, DDA Finance member. “The scheme will be announced next month. Previous schemes launched by DDA were in 2006 when 3,500 flats were sold. Before that, DDA had launched a housing scheme in 2004 where 2,500 flats were on offer