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How do you recognize ?

Q: How do you recognize a Santa’s son in School? A: He is the one who erases the books when the teacher erases the board.? Santa: I kiss my wife every

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Santa banta sardar jokes

Santa: Wow Banta, Where did you get the cycle, from? Banta: I was walking on the highway when a beautiful lady came in this cycle and asked me -”want

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The archery contest

Once upon a time there was an archery contest.The first archer, wearing a long cape covering his face, lines up in position…He takes a deep breath and

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My wife is still scared of waterBanta

Santa: My wife is still scared of water Banta: how come? Santa: yesterday when i went home, she was in the bath tub with the security guard!!———-Santa

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Who dunnit

The judge read the charges, then asked: Are you the defendant in this case?No, your honor,” replied Banta, “I’ve got a lawyer to do the defending. I’m

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