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Tendulkar & Kambli

Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli have been very close friends since childhood. They used to do all things together, e.g., both started going to schoo

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Ameer Kaun - Saurav or Ponting?

After the World cup, Saurabh Ganguly has a head-on with Ricky Ponting. And Ponting says- "Humare paas Brett Lee hai, Glenn McGrath hai, aura ab toh Wo

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Saurav Ganguly and Nagma

Nagma boli kem chhey kem chhey kem chhey
Dada bole eim chhey eim chhey eim chhey
runs nahin bante hain matches mein
arrey yeh to game chhey game

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Cricket Stars

Seeing a disastrous performance by everyone in the team, the captain sends Mehmood and Dilip Kumar hoping for some recovery.
Mehmood is clean bowled

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Real meaning of Mohammed Azharuddin

Here is the real meaning of Mohammed Azharuddin:
M-ay i have
O-ne crore please to
H-atch a consipiracy
M-otherland and to

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