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Weight problems arise primarily in relation to your attitude to food, weight, and body size. They also project your emotional status: whether or not you have an inflexible approach to eating and exercise. Overweight is defined as `abnormal high body weight due to excessive accumulation of body fat.' Excess weight may also result from abnormal retention of water, bizarre muscular development, tumors, including a few endocrinal / hormonal disorders. New research implicates genetic, emotional, metabolic, sociological and environmental factors as causative mechanisms.

Life expectancy of overweight individuals, after the age of 35, is often associated with a death rate much higher than that of people with normal weight. While increased body weight places a greater load on the circulatory system, regulation of body temperature is as much affected due to reduced heat insulating effect.

Lose weight safely Homeopathy is a safe, natural, and non-invasive solution in weight management: for excess weight, as also for eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia etc., International clinical trials have shown that homeopathic remedies act as fat burners in overweight individuals. They also stimulate and hasten the body's metabolic rate, to losing weight, without side effects. A holistic system of healing, Homeopathy believes in offering appropriate solutions to each an every patient, including an individualized / customised diet plans because each of us is unique. Put simply, every individual's stomach is as distinctive as his/her fingerprint.

A weepy, overweight lady, who loves cookies and is moody, for example, may need the homeopathic remedy, Pulsatilla, where- as a fat male, who craves eggs, has thyroid problems, and is stubborn by temperament, may require Calcarea Carbonica.

Homeopathic medicines correct the underlying problem from its root. It also takes into accoun the fact that no two overweight individuals have identical problems. Homeopathy looks at the person, the individual, in to, including the origin, or the root, of illness, your weight problem.

It provides a mild touch, or stimulus, not side effects, for the body to bring in a sense of balance. It also incorporates lifestyle changes; it distils the person's physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects, including sensitivities and sensibilities - to usher in a healthy, long- lasting change in the individual This results, not in suppression or recurrence of the problem - after cessation of a diet plan - but natural, holistic restoration of health to its best or optimal level, for all seasons.