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The Long Beach Mortgage Company is an US-based home loan mortgage company. The main business activity of Long Beach Mortgage Company involves facilitation of sub-prime mortgage loan to individuals and corporates across United States of America.

This mortgage loan company is a part of the legendary Washington Mutual Bank and Long Beach Mortgage Company was acquired by the Washington Mutual Bank in the year 1999. Within a very short period of time this home mortgage company has earned good reputation for being a quick and efficient mortgage loan provider. Long Beach Mortgage Company provides mortgage loans at competitive rates and is one of the industry leaders in the mortgage loan business. The business of Long Beach Mortgage Company spreads across the whole of United States of America.

The processing of application for mortgage loan starts as soon as a mortgage loan application is forwarded to any of its branches. The application is then forwarded to a home loan expert who assesses the mortgage loan value through a comprehensive appraisal process. The parameters that are taken into to account during the process of appraisal of the home loan mortgage are as follows -

  • Credit history of the borrower and history of previous debts and their repayments made by him
  • Loan repaying capacity of the borrower and mortgage loan repaying ability of the said person based on his annual income and other existing loans (if any)
  • Value of the collateral mortgaged for buying or refinancing

The contact details of Long Beach Mortgage Company are as follows -

The company's headquarters are located at:
Long Beach Mortgage, 1400 S. Douglass Road, Suite 100
Anaheim, CA 92806
(800) 743-3336

For find the Long Beach Mortgage office nearest to you, you can use their Office Locater.

Long Beach Mortgage Company Headquarters
Products and its related terms and conditions of Long Beach Mortgage Company are as follows -

Loan products with 40-year amortization term:

  • Four options available: 40-Year Fixed, 2/38, 3/37 and 5/35 ARMs
  • With minimum 550 credit score
  • With loan sizes up to $1.3 million
  • With maximum LTV of 95% and maximum CLTV of 95%