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Overview Of Student Loans: - Views: 1189

When you're trying to pay for college, it's nice to turn to a wealthy uncle for a little financial assistance. No one is happier to help you pay for your higher education than Uncle Sam and the fed..... More

Four Ideas For Student Loan Consolidation: - Views: 1269

To consolidate or not to consolidate? Hamlet might have asked this question if he had graduated from college with student loans. If you're considering a loan consolidation, you'd be wise to follow..... More

Five Financial Aid Tips: - Views: 1399

A rite of passage for any college student involves learning how to manage finances. Not only does this apply credit cards, but also to a huge source of concern: financial aid.

Despit..... More

When Not To Consolidate Student Loan Debt: - Views: 1401

To a college graduate, the call to "consolidate" is almost as familiar as her school fighting song. But consolidating student loans might not be as warranted as it was in years past-espec..... More

Credit Crisis Will Affect Student Loans: - Views: 1406

Many students enter school with the hopes of bettering themselves and earning more income. A recent announcement by Sallie Mae that they'll no longer make loans to subprime borrowers may throw a wr..... More

Students Loans And Bad Credit: - Views: 1336

Going to college is a time to grow intellectually, but many critical lessons extend beyond the classroom. Undergraduates with bad credit will learn that lenders regard them very differently when it..... More